Soul Retreat/Rebirth

A weekend devoted to connecting with yourself at an extraordinary site, away from the daily hustle and bustle, surrounded by the harmony of blue skies and with the waves as your companions.

Become part of an experience that will raise your frequency through numerous activities guided by wellness experts as part of a new cycle that has already begun and will evolve into a REBIRTH!

Rituals and spaces that will show you the way to reconnect with your soul and inner wisdom, led by our therapists and teachers; Restorative Yoga and Yoga Nidra, Tibetan singing bowls, harmonizing energies with quartz crystals, mindful nature walks, deep breathing and healing, cacao ceremonies, ecstatic dancing around a bonfire on the beach, and, on top of that, the healing experience of the traditional clay Temazcal ceremony, as it was done in olden days, with copal and a blend of aromatic herb extracts poured on burning volcanic rocks to cleanse mind, body, and spirit.

The White Lodge has a view of a stretch of beach where, from the month of December to April, you can watch humpback whales, more than in any other area of the region. The white that surrounds you bespeaks purity, freshness, lightness, and peace. It is the perfect place to recharge, revive and strengthen the immune system.

To delight your senses, there is also delicious and healthy Mediterranean cuisine mixed with fresh ingredients obtained daily from organic produce growers and local fishermen, so that you may enjoy a true artisanal culinary experience.

Additionally, enjoy some me-time, snorkel the Cabo Pulmo coral reef, hop on a motorbike for a tour of the desert, go surfing, cycle on an electric bike, explore the nearby canyons and beaches or simply relax by the Lodge pool.

Join the SoulTribe family and get to know fabulous people like you, connect with your inner being and bond with those around you, find your balance, raise your awareness, and truly awaken. It is time to give yourself the best gift, to feel fulfilled and happy within. It is time for a REBIRTH.