5 Best Things to Experience on Baja’s Magical East Cape

If you are planning a trip to Baja’s beautiful secret escape, East Cape, you will want to spend considerable time enjoying the great outdoors while immersed in nature on pristine beaches. There is no better location in the world for extraordinary explorations, active water sports, and days lazing on the stunning desert-meets-the-sea shores.

The area is home to a 70-mile coastal arc of land spanning across the Sea of Cortez. This part of the peninsula is known as “Old Baja” and has limited tourism, modern attractions, and the best spaces for quiet reflection. If you are after hidden beaches, stunning sunsets, and slowing down, come down to the East Cape for the experience of a lifetime.

Even though the region is more rustic than others, it has a ton of activity to satisfy any travelers’ requirements. Hang tight and we’ll introduce you to five of the best things to experience on Baja’s East Cape and highlight what makes them so exceptional.

Enjoy the Tranquility & Immersive Experiences

What’s incredible about the East Cape of Baja is that there are no big parties or nightclubs. The entire area focuses on relaxation and communing with the elements; so it’s best to take advantage of the sprawling nature.

On the other hand, in the East Cape, you can find restaurants that offer low-key entertainment and quiet bars for more reserved adults. Join us at Azul Cortez, our farm-to-table organic restaurant with beachside tables, charming lighting, and delicious fresh cuisine.

The tranquility translates over to the experience had by many at White Lodge Baja.

As the gorgeous night sky is captivating on its own, at White Lodge we offer the opportunity to get connected deeper with yourself and your surroundings as we hold full moon events, yoga & even a temazcal.

Immerse deeply into the night sky, grab a cozy blanket to stargaze on the beach, you are sure to reset your body, mind and soul.

Surfing the famous Nine Palms

The prime-time for catching the most clean and consistent waves on the Big Sur is during the summer months, especially in July. The groundswells are the primary source of waves, field by the wind from the south.

Whether you are a professional or novice to the sport, you won’t find a better place for an uncrowded surf experience than the Nine Palms. Chances of surfing in solitude are high here as Nine Palms has a strong south swell and long waves for a smooth ride. Surfing forecasts for all of the Baja Sur spots are also readily available.

There are a variety of spots where beginners can learn the basics and advanced surfers can catch a big wave, and enjoy a longer session. Beaches such as Cerritos and Middles are for more experienced surfers, while places such as Zippers and La Fortuna are great for newcomers to the sport.

The salt in the air and peaceful environment here sets the scene for a fun outing in nature, and pairs well with organic food and original drinks at various boutiques like White Lodge Baja.

Tour the Charming Towns

Moving around Baja’s coast is a fantastic way to explore the local culture and find the region’s best. There are multiple activities to choose from, ranging from paddle-boarding to sunset yoga classes.

No matter what kind of adventure you want to have, you can find it in the East Cape of Baja. Talk to the locals to find the best places to visit, then hop in your car and go!

One of the best things you can do in the East Cape is to check out the National Marine Park in Cabo Pulmo. It is filled with beautiful ocean creatures and exhibits that wow young and old visitors. You can also drive from town to tow by getting a four-wheel vehicle.

Golfing in the East Cape

There are over a dozen championship golf courses scattered around the East Cape. It has been dubbed the “The Golf Capital of Mexico,” and rightfully so.

With some of the highest quality greens and several courses, you would be silly not to enjoy a game of golf in the region.

One of the most well-known golf courses in the area is the Robert Trent Jones Jr. Course, situated in the Costa Palmas resort community. This beautiful course looks at the Sea of Cortez and sits alongside a north-facing beach.

It consists of 18 holes and is one of the calmest and most scenic spaces you will ever play a game of golf in. This is a beautiful experience for elite golfers due to the unmatched amenities at the venue.

Active Water Sports & Exploration

Hundreds of exotic fish species live in the Sea of Cortez, and rightfully so. The warm water is one of the primary reasons that the sea has become one of the world’s most significant fishing, snorkeling, and scuba diving spots.

You can explore marine wildlife for the day, take a swim or layout in the sunshine as the calm waters wash away your tension. This versatile oasis is the West Coast’s oldest Coral Reef and is one of the most conserved ocean’s in history and is a safe place to swim in the waves and play in the water.

Outfitters and hotels offer tours, so be on the lookout for that when in the region. You can also join a larger fishing group with kayaks or hop on a cruise to get a more collaborative feeling. El Cardonal Beach is a cute dreamy place to submerge for the day or if you’re looking for a hot spring to dip into, you can choose from Acua Caliente or El Chorro Hot Springs for some mineral healing.

Experience the East Cape!

The East Cape is by far one of the best places to travel for a stunning destination getaway. Not only do you get sandy beaches, calm waters, and few people; you can also experience top quality culture, food, and the best possible sunsets. Adding in a luxurious boutique stay and it is the whole package.

Whether you are local to the Cabo San Lucas area or a tourist wanting to step into beautiful new scenery the cape has it all.

Baja is 45 minutes away from downtown so you get the best of both worlds, a serene escape, a cultural tour downtown or a relaxing retreat and one of the most dreamy places to stay on the coast, White Lodge Baja, the secret spot to reset your mind, body and soul.